Ronan and his brother Raferty were dumped at the shelter together with their mum because they were unwanted. Born in a house on March 1, 2019, he certainly had a good start in life. Now he is in foster and he is very social towards people and other dogs. At the age of 9 weeks he weighs little more than 4 kg and therefor we expect him to be bigger than his mother who is only 8,5 kg.




Raferty and his brother Ronan were dumped at the shelter together with their mum because they were unwanted. Born in a house on March 1, 2019, he certainly had a good start in life. Now he is in foster and he is very social towards people and other dogs. At the age of 9 weeks he weighs almost 5 kg and therefor we expect him to be bigger than his mother who is only 8,5 kg.

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This tiny bundle of brown fluff was spotted wandering down the main road to Faro airport. Was it actually going to catch a flight perhaps or just missed one or had it just arrived and was looking for a taxi? This we will never know.

Kazzy, as she is now called, had no luggage and is currently looking for her new home. She was born around 15 February 2019 and is very social with people and other nice dogs and will be a small adult doggy. With 11 weeks of age, she weighs only 2,3 kg.

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We dont know much about Dory except that she is a very happy dog in spite of her past and always wags her tail and wants to play. She was brought to our vet by a lady who explained that this dog was mistreated, malnourished, full of ticks and fleas etc etc and that she had rescued it from some nasty people.

After treating her there, the vet asked us to take her in and put her for adoption. Dory is about 5 months old (born 14 November 2018) and very energetic. Loves to play with other dogs and a ball or other toys. Needs a family, possibly with children to play with or another dog.  Anyway, a home with lots of time to spend on Dory.

We think she will be a great family pet. Size will be small-medium. At the moment she weighs 7.5 kg.

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Look at this lovely little fella! Somehow he turned up at a friend’s garden gate looking very thin and sad. How he got there, nobody knows. After a few days of him sitting at the gate asking to come in, they opened it! He was so hungry he nearly choked himself eating. Bertie is extremely friendly with people, other dogs and also cats. There are cats everywhere in that house and garden but he ignores them completely. All he wants is a soft sofa to lie on and be cuddled. Bertie’s estimated date of birth is around Oct/Nov 2017 and he now weighs 12kg. He is house trained and sleeps in his basket at night. Doesn’t need a crate as he doesn’t destroy anything at all, says his foster mum. Who will give Bertie the loving home he deserves.?? Chipped, vaccinated, castrated and tested negative for all blood parasites.




Cigano, Portuguese for gypsy, weighs 22 kg and is now about 5 years old, born in 2013, and was rescued from a gypsy camp just over a year ago. And the "rescuer" dumped him at our vet and then disappeared from the world. That was in September 2017 and since that date Cigano "lives" in a 60 by 80 cm crate between sick and operated dogs in the vet's clinic. And yes, a few times a day he can go out and stretch his legs in the courtyard. Cigano had not an easy life and that is why he first looks at you whether you can be trusted, but when you are approved he approaches you very enthusiastically. He is also special because he is Leishmania positive and has a food allergy which means he has to get special dry food. But that must not be a reason not to adopt him. We therefore seek for him an adopter who can give him the time, love and attention he deserves and who "saves" him from the little jail he was condemned by his previous savior. Cigano is good with other dogs, with people and children, but not with cats.




Last summer Josefina’s owner died suddenly from a tragic fall. Her husband, in a wheelchair most of the time, was taken back to his native Scotland by his children. Their other three dogs, Podengos, were able to travel to Scotland to live with members of the family. 

We agreed to take in Josefina. She was overweight but has lost quite a few kg now and is more active than she was. She is an Alpha type and is not very keen on other females who she regards as competition. Males are better if she likes them and vice versa. With people she is very affectionate and loves attention. She will climb on your lap, sit for a treat and give you a paw, and even go after a toy that she takes away to her bed in her kennel. She sleeps all night in an inside kennel and roams free in the garden some of the time.

She has been with us too long for such a lovely dog and needs a home of her own. She is born in August 2015.





DEXTER is a small/medium cross Podengo born in April 2012 and weighs about 14kg. He was found abandoned in the Algarve hills by campers and lived in a caravan until they went back to their own country.
He was then dumped in a shelter for more than a year until we agreed to take him in. Due to his background, he never got a bond with people and was very insecure. He focused 100% on his nose and what it was telling him rather than on the people and other dogs around him. He spent a lot of energy with searching for all kinds of "moving" things in the trees, in the bushes and between the rocks and gravel and cats. We don't think he could live with a cat but you never know.
For the past couple of months he has been going to special training classes for concentration, nose work and a bit of agility. He is doing very well and loves to work for the trainer. At last, he has something specific and rewarding to do with his nose.
Dexter needs a family that would continue the training as a hobby and exercise for everyone concerned. He is affectionate, great fun and loves treats. He walks very well on a lead and is fine with other dogs.




FLASH and her 3 pups were spotted wandering in the middle of the main road that goes from Alportel to Almodovar. It is a long windy road through hills and desolate terrain with few houses along the highway. Not a good place for mum and pups of 6 weeks old. A friend called us and Ad went to pick them up having no other alternative so quickly.

Mum is very friendly with people and a good mum for her children.
Flash is medium size, +/- 20 kg and 50 cm. We believe she was born in July 2013.

Update 19-7-2016. Flash has now been here for more than one year! Her pups are extraordinary dogs, one now being trained as an assistance dog for diabetes and one being trained as a sniffer dog for rescue. BUT Flash just runs around the dog run and still has no home. She is a lovely, gentle dog and will thrive in a home of her own. Very affectionate and people orientated, eager to please. Gets on with other dogs but probably not cats in an outside environment.