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CHÉ was found running along the busy Algarve highway N125 completely disorientated and very afraid. Luckily someone stopped their car and managed to capture him and put him in. He would not be the first stray dog running along that road! Bad people who want to get rid of their dog, stop at a quiet spot, open the door, push the dog out and drive off as quickly as they can.

Ché stayed with his rescuers for a while but they couldn’t keep him for long so he went to a foster family. 

He is very playful, energetic and needs space to run around and use up his energy. He walks ok on lead and is used to 9 cats. He will be a lovely companion for a young, active family who can take him everywhere including dog training classes for agility and obedience.

Che is born on 20 May 2018 and weighs at 5 months 6,5kg He will be a medium sized adult dog when adult.




Helena and her pups were found under a large sea container on a small industry site. When the pups were about four weeks old, they came out and saw that their container was right along a busy road and that the lorries were only passing by 1 meter from their house. Fortunately they were noticed by one of our rescue ladies and we decided that it could not stay that way. With the help of the local police, the street was shut down and the fire brigade took all the pups and the mother from under that large container. Helena and her pups have been living with us since that day. Mother Helena took great care of her offspring and is exceptionally social and friendly towards everyone and everything. The pups have all been adopted and now it's Helena's turn. Helena was born early February 2016, now weighs about 7 kg and is 29 cm high. Helena would feel very happy in a young family with smaller children, but of course it can also be with the grandfather and grandmother. Who has such a space for her?

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SKY and another little female dog suddenly appeared in the garden of a house near Sao Bras that has no fencing. The house backs onto the hills and scrubland so anything can get in and out. After a few weeks, no-one claimed the dogs or even asked after a dog like Sky so the lady called us if we could help her with these two dogs and eventually to find them a home. Although both dogs are free to wander, they have stayed very close to the house proving they want human attention and food of course.Sky is one year old, weighs 9 kg and is about 35cm. She is cute and quite sociable with other dogs and the people of the house including a young boy. She is tested, spayed and vaccinated. So we would like to find her a loving family.

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Stella is probably a crossbreed Rafeiro do Alentejo and born around August 6, 2018. She was found and rescued from a place where several dead animals were found and we could not leave her behind. Despite the fact that she looked death in the eye, Stella is a cheerful and social puppy, who enjoyed laying on Marie-José’s lap all the way to the house of her foster mother. She now gets a life she deserves with people, dogs and cats, who love her. Probably, Stella will grow into a rather big dog. Who has a house, a garden and a heart that fits Stella.




Amy was born in mid-March 2018. When she was not yet 6 weeks old, she and her brothers and sisters were dumped on the beach of Algarve. And so she ended up in the shelter at a young age. All her brothers have already been adopted, but Amy and her sisters are still there. And that is not her fault, but due to the fact that almost nobody in Portugal wants a female puppy. Amy is exceptionally social, immediately familiar with new situations and also with new people. She is regularly taken out on a walk and walks very well on the leash. It is fun to have such a dog in the house. She has lived in the shelter far too long and now it is her turn to have a house and a family of her own, something she has been looking forward to for so long. Amy will become a medium-sized dog.




Barley is a male who was found as a very young puppy in a terrible condition and brought to the shelter. He was born in November 2013 and has been living in the shelter for more than 2.5 years. He is now fully recovered of course, very healthy and fit, and he loves to play with other dogs or toys. Barley weighs about 15kg.




Marlon, a 2,5-year-old male (born January 2015) of 15 kg, was taken from the streets of the "big" city of Faro more than 1.5 years ago. And because there was no place for him, he came to us in our shelter. He lives there now for more than a year and a half. He is doing very well in a large group of dogs in a big run. Actually that is very normal for a dog with a past like Marlon as you need to get along well with everyone in order to survive. He enjoys running around with his group or lying in the sun on the roof of a dog house. But we think he is better off with nice people in a home of his own, where he can lay on his own pillow.




Giffy, a female Rafeiro Alentejano, was given as a birthday present for his 80th birthday to an Englishman living in our village when she was only 8 weeks old. For some reason, they could not say "NO." Giffy was born in August 2015 and is now not yet two years old. But she has grown quite well and weighs now more than 40 kg, maybe 50 kg. She is a very big dog. The couple, the wife is some years younger but also seventy plus, could quite comfortable live with Giffy because their son, who, of course, is a few years younger, lived with them in the same house. But recently, their son moved to Cyprus for his work. The old man, almost 82 years old, can only walk with the support of a walker and his wife, a little pretty woman, is not strong enough to take Giffy on a walk. Giffy is a very sweet dog, good with everything and everyone. Even with strange people she has no problem. She lives with 2 other dogs and a cat. Due to lack of movement, she is overweight and therefore we are looking for a loving active family - and if possible - with active children.





First appeared the mother! She was very pregnant and wandered into an English family's garden begging for food. She was extremely hungry and thin. Although they could feed her as she would come to the food, no-one was able to catch her and on 3rd April this year she gave birth to the pups in the bushes in the garden. Nine in total, 7 survived.
After 4 weeks of nursing her pups in a quiet part of the garden, the mum was tranquillised and she and her pups taken to the shelter. They are already quite relaxed and don't mind being picked up to be photographed. All have been wormed and will follow the protocol for adoption at 8 weeks in Portugal, vaccinated and chipped or 16 weeks abroad. We expect her to grow to medium size when adult.




SAMMY, so I called him when he arrived 3 days ago with a gammy leg and a muzzle on his lovely, sad face. He may have a lovely face but the rest of him is certainly not lovely. Sammy was a young male, 18kg, mixed breed, seen walking the streets of S.Bras for ages and fed scraps by locals.
Well, it probably were the scraps that kept him alive these past few months and he must be a tough little guy. He has a fractured right hind leg at the tarsal/metatarsal joint and a huge hole on the inside of that area as well as several small wounds, many fleas and ticks..well you all know how street dogs look. Yet nobody thought to pick up this dog until 3 days ago when he could hardly stand upright any more. He was taken to a "petshop vet" where he was assessed and the verdict was: give him some antibiotics and painkillers for 10 days and then put him back on the street where he came from!!!
Well, I have met many vets in my life but this one must take the biscuit with chocolate trimmings.
This is where we came onto the scene. I was asked if I could kennel a dog for ten days, a dog with a bad leg, and administer the medication which still had to be bought at the local pharmacy.
Being the nosy person I am by nature I asked all the questions to which you have just read the answers.
Ad and I were both horrified to say the least. Put a young dog with a severely injured/ broken leg ( no x-rays had been done ) back on the street? Never. We don't work like that. If we take on an injured dog, we go the whole way. I immediately phoned Dr. Pedro Caramelo in Faro and took the dog down for observation and diagnosis.
Today I fetched him and he is here with us, safe and eating quite well. The diagnosis for his leg is not good at the moment as there are several scenarios to take into consideration and all require intricate surgery.
Sammy also has prostate problems and these need to be dealt with as soon as possible. All blood work needs to be done to see what other hidden, underlying conditions he has. He needs to build up his strength first before he can undergo any surgery and it will be a long road to recovery. But we have done it before so we'll try and do it again.
We hope our true friends and doggy lovers will help by sponsoring SAMMY in any way they can, privately or with a fun fundraiser. Please contact me by PM or by email if you can help.
Sorry this is so long but these awful situations need explaining and just pics are not enough. Thanks everyone for reading.




The plight of ROBERTA was told us by English people living nearby. When we went to take a look we found her on a chain with a large, worn leather collar around her neck, tied to a wooden post in a crumbling old ruin. Her ears were black and necrotic, her neck under and around the collar was bare and she was covered with ticks and even more fleas that jumped everywhere. The area was a dump and invaded by flies sitting on her faeces all around. It was the height of the summer, so 30-35 degrees. WHAT TO DO?
At first, we tried to treat her where she was but she was extremely nervous and jumped up and down on the chain trying to run away and drawing attention to our presence. We came to the conclusion that the only way forward was to free her from her prison and bring her home.
Her ears had holes in them, in both ears in the same place. Like punched holes for attaching plastic markers on farm animals.
These holes had become infected and then infested with flies and their larvae. If we had not rescued her then she probably would have died of septicaemia or lost her ears. After first treating ears and neck wounds we had her spayed and tested for Mediterranean blood parasites.
She was positive for both tick fever and heart worm!! So we first treated the tick fever and a month later, the heart worm. By this time she had become a different doggy. She was friendly and loved attention. So we thought about putting her for adoption. But,another month on she started developing mammary tumours. These were then successfully removed with no recurrence.
So Roberta has spent a good deal of her time with us,  in and out of the vet clinic but now she is ready to go to a home of her own which she deserves. Her ears are very much better and hair is growing back.
She's a small-medium size, weighs 14 kg and born August 2012 we think.




DEXTER is a small/medium cross Podengo born in April 2012 and weighs about 14kg. He was found abandoned in the Algarve hills by campers and lived in a caravan until they went back to their own country.
He was then dumped in a shelter for more than a year until we agreed to take him in. Due to his background, he never got a bond with people and was very insecure. He focused 100% on his nose and what it was telling him rather than on the people and other dogs around him. He spent a lot of energy with searching for all kinds of "moving" things in the trees, in the bushes and between the rocks and gravel and cats. We don't think he could live with a cat but you never know.
For the past couple of months he has been going to special training classes for concentration, nose work and a bit of agility. He is doing very well and loves to work for the trainer. At last, he has something specific and rewarding to do with his nose.
Dexter needs a family that would continue the training as a hobby and exercise for everyone concerned. He is affectionate, great fun and loves treats. He walks very well on a lead and is fine with other dogs.




FLASH and her 3 pups were spotted wandering in the middle of the main road that goes from Alportel to Almodovar. It is a long windy road through hills and desolate terrain with few houses along the highway. Not a good place for mum and pups of 6 weeks old. A friend called us and Ad went to pick them up having no other alternative so quickly.

Mum is very friendly with people and a good mum for her children.
Flash is medium size, +/- 20 kg and 50 cm. We believe she was born in July 2013.

Update 19-7-2016. Flash has now been here for more than one year! Her pups are extraordinary dogs, one now being trained as an assistance dog for diabetes and one being trained as a sniffer dog for rescue. BUT Flash just runs around the dog run and still has no home. She is a lovely, gentle dog and will thrive in a home of her own. Very affectionate and people orientated, eager to please. Gets on with other dogs but probably not cats in an outside environment.