12-12-2018   ADOPTED 19-01-2019



Delilah was born around 10 September 2018 and when she was about 2 months old she was found at the bottom of the escalator which goes to the Continente supermarket. We think she came from the gypsy camp next door and that she followed a gypsy woman when she went shopping. But going upstairs with the escalator was a bit too much for her. And so she ended up in our shelter. Delilah is a very social and adventurous pup and walks already very well on the leash. At an age of 10 weeks she weighed 4.6 kg and she is expected to be a medium size dog when she is adult. Now she is looking forward to a family of her own who she can join when some shopping needs to be done.

12-12-2018   ADOPTED 03-02-2019



Olivia was born around July 5, 2018, and when she was only 4 months old, they had enough of her. Olivia was found tied to the door handle of a veterinary clinic. And so she ended up in the shelter. At an age of 5 months she weighs 13.4 kg and she is still growing. Olivia is very social and walks well on the leash. An shelter is not a good place for a puppy and that is why we are looking for a loving and caring adopter who has to promise us never to tie Olivia to a door handle and then run away.

08-01-2019   ADOPTED 25-01-2019



Quick, born around October 20, 2018, really wants to learn and so he went to the playground of a primary school in our village. He walked around there among all children running and playing, but when the children went back to their classroom, he was left alone. As he apparently belonged to nobody and neither of the children had seen him before, one of the teachers took him home. But he can no longer stay there, because the teacher is too much away from home. We are therefore looking for a very friendly family for this very agile and active pup, preferably with school-age children, so that he can go to school every now and then. Quick is very social, walks already well on the leash and is very eager to learn.

17-12-2018   ADOPTED 03-02-2019



Xanto, just under 2 years old and probably born in February 2017, showed very loud and clear that he was in need and had to be rescued. Our vet has the practice along the railway in Faro (Centro Vetérinario da Estação) and they had heard a dog crying on the other side of the railway for a few days. But the other side of the railway is not such a nice place with homeless people, drug addicts and criminal youngsters, and Isabel did not dare to go and look. But because Xanto did not stop crying, something had to be done. She then called the police and they have taken her to this aweful place and protected her and also helped to put Xanto in the car. Xanto was in a very bad condition, emaciated, dehydrated, full of scabies etc. etc. but he could not be brought to a better place than to Isabel and Pedro. Now he has been completely recovered, weighs 27 kg, greets everyone he meets in the clinic very enthusiastically and is very social towards other animals. We think that he also has the right to his own home and his own family where he can be happy.